Shark Week 2024 How to Watch & Discovery Schedule

Shark Week 2024 is here, and this year promises to be more thrilling and informative than ever. Hosted by John Cena, the weeklong event kicks off tonight at 8/7c with a lineup of exciting and educational programs that dive deep into the world of sharks. With a mix of documentaries, expert insights, and jaw-dropping footage, Shark Week 2024 is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Shark Week 2024 Schedule

Belly of the Beast: Bigger and Bloodier (8/7c)

The kickoff special, “Belly of the Beast: Bigger and Bloodier,” airs at 8/7c. This documentary covers EARL, a false whale designed to accommodate two divers who can observe shark feeding from inside the carcass. This unique perspective allows for unprecedented insights into the feeding behaviors of these fascinating predators.

Jaws vs Leviathan (9 p.m. ET)

Following the premiere special is “Jaws vs Leviathan” at 9 p.m. ET. This program explores the epic underwater battles between the great white shark and the ancient leviathan, examining their survival strategies and interactions. Viewers will be treated to stunning visuals and expert commentary on these legendary sea creatures.

Makozilla (10 p.m. ET)

At 10 p.m. ET, “Makozilla” takes the spotlight. This show focuses on the mako shark, known for its incredible speed and agility. The documentary delves into the behavior, hunting techniques, and habitat of this formidable predator, providing a comprehensive look at one of the ocean’s most efficient hunters.

Sydney Harbor Shark Invasion (11 p.m. ET)

Rounding out the evening at 11 p.m. ET is “Sydney Harbor Shark Invasion.” This program investigates the recent increase in shark sightings and encounters in Sydney Harbor. Researchers explore the reasons behind this surge and what it means for local ecosystems and human activities.

How to Watch Shark Week 2024 Without Cable

For those eager to tune into Shark Week 2024 without a traditional cable subscription, there are several streaming options available. Here’s how you can catch all the action online:


Discovery+ is the go-to streaming service for all Shark Week content. Subscribers can enjoy on-demand access to all episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes features. Discovery+ offers a free trial for new users, making it easy to start watching Shark Week without any upfront costs.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV includes the Discovery Channel in its lineup, allowing subscribers to watch Shark Week live. The service also offers a cloud DVR feature, so you can record episodes to watch later. Hulu with Live TV provides a free trial for new users.

Sling TV

Sling TV’s Blue package includes the Discovery Channel, making it another great option for streaming Shark Week 2024. Sling TV also offers on-demand content and a cloud DVR feature. New users can take advantage of promotional offers and free trials.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers live streaming of the Discovery Channel, giving subscribers access to Shark Week as it airs. The service includes unlimited cloud DVR storage, so you can save episodes to watch at your convenience. YouTube TV also offers a free trial period for new subscribers.


FuboTV is another streaming service that includes the Discovery Channel in its lineup. Subscribers can watch Shark Week live and enjoy on-demand content. FuboTV offers a free trial, making it easy to start watching Shark Week without committing to a subscription.

Why Shark Week 2024 is a Must-Watch

Shark Week has been a summer television staple since its inception in 1988, and its popularity continues to grow. Here’s why Shark Week 2024 is a must-watch event:

Educational and Entertaining Content

Shark Week provides a perfect blend of education and entertainment, offering viewers a chance to learn about shark biology, behavior, and conservation efforts while enjoying thrilling footage and stories. The programming often highlights the importance of protecting these misunderstood creatures and their habitats.

Star-Studded Hosting and Special Guests

This year, John Cena’s role as host adds an extra layer of excitement. His enthusiasm and charisma are sure to engage audiences and make the viewing experience even more enjoyable. Additionally, appearances by marine biologists, shark experts, and other celebrity guests will provide valuable insights and commentary.

Breathtaking Footage and New Discoveries

Shark Week 2024 promises to deliver breathtaking underwater footage and new discoveries that will captivate viewers. From close encounters with great whites to deep-sea explorations, the stunning visuals and groundbreaking research make for compelling television.

A Focus on Conservation

Shark Week is not just about thrills; it also emphasizes the importance of shark conservation. The programming often highlights efforts to protect shark populations and their habitats, raising awareness about the threats these animals face and what can be done to help.


Shark Week 2024 is set to be an unforgettable event, offering a week of thrilling and informative content hosted by John Cena. With a schedule packed with exciting documentaries and programs, viewers are in for a treat. Whether you’re a long-time Shark Week enthusiast or tuning in for the first time, there are plenty of ways to watch online without cable. Dive into the action and explore the fascinating world of sharks with Shark Week 2024.

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